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About Us
Poulos is a third generation family-operated Chicago based general contracting and construction management firm. Poulos specializes in Institutional, Public Sector, Governmental, and Commercial projects.

Poulos offers services in General Contracting, Construction Development, Planning, Pre-Construction and Construction Management.

Poulos strives to provide excellent customer service and exceptional quality work projects completed efficiently while fostering long term business relationships with our clients.

Poulos manages its workload to minimize financial risk, never undertaking a contract without the proper resources to guarantee its absolute success. The size and financial stability of the company allows numerous work forces to operate at once and be staffed with its own crews.

Poulos has built a solid reputation on being a trustworthy, honest, dedicated, and responsible construction partner while exceeding all of our clients’ construction needs.

Poulos’ aim is to create the best building experience for our clients. Poulos wants to be looked at as more than your general contractor or construction manager. Poulos is your construction partner, together we are building tomorrow.


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